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If you wish to download classic races or seasons but are unable to from the race page, you can do so here.
1. Click the link of which season you wish to download from.
2. Follow the prompts on screen and verify that you’re a serious human downloader.
3. You will then be redirected to a cloud drive folder where you can download whichever race you want. (Pro tip: you can bookmark the folder link for the future so you don’t need to go through the verification process again)

*Work in progress, I’m adding more seasons daily.*
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I’ve had a lot of people asking me if they can download some races. Natively with the video host I use, you cannot. There is – however a way around it. The following will work on both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers.

For Firefox:

Method 1: Navigate over to And click “Add to Firefox”.

Method 2:

  1. Click on the menu at the top right of the browser and click “Add-ons”.
  2. Click on “Get Add-ons” and search for “flash video downloader.
    firefox2 firefox3
  3. Click “Install” on the right side.
  4. After it downloads you’ll get this message, click “Restart now”.
  5. After it restarts you should see this on the right side of your address bar.
  6. Go over to the video you want to download, click play, wait for it to start playing the video. Then you’ll see the above download icon turn blue. Click on that and then the video name it should be like “Formula 1 – S2010e01 – Bahrain Grand Prix” (may also be named “v.flv”) and should be anywhere between 500mb – 1.2GB in size. Then download!

Google Chrome:

  1. Go over to
  2. Click “Add to Chrome”
  3. Once installed, usage is pretty much the same steps as Firefox.

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